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Founder of Pso-You / Inventor Pso-Everything / Master Trainer

Mac Mollohan

As a personal trainer, I could only help so many people per day. Thus, I created products that enabled people to become their own therapists and work on their back pain, hip tightness, and countless other muscle issues.

I have a true passion for designing innovative products and nutrition programs that maximize results and help everyone return to the activities they love.

• Inventor of all Pso-Rite tools, 8 and counting!

• Helped with the recovery of thousands of top athletes

• Certified in CrossFit (1&2), TRX, ISSA Strength Coaching, FRC (functional range conditioning), Animal Flow (1&2), Kettlebell, Precision Nutrition, and Bulgarian Bag

• Top 5 trainer at Equinox for multiple years

• Assistant strength coach at MSU

• Created 100s of workshops with therapists, chiropractors, and top gyms such as Sanford MMA

• Constantly learning and reading on topics related to nutrition, fasting, blood type diets, and protocols to improve the immune system, heart rate training, and body mechanics.

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