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Founder of Pso-You / Inventor Pso-Everything / Master Trainer

Mac Mollohan

As a personal trainer, I could only help so many people per day. Thus, I created products that enabled people to become their own therapists and work on their back pain, hip tightness, and countless other muscle issues.

I have a true passion for designing innovative products and nutrition programs that maximize results and help everyone return to the activities they love.

• Inventor of all Pso-Rite tools, 8 and counting!

• Helped with the recovery of thousands of top athletes

• Certified in CrossFit (1&2), TRX, ISSA Strength Coaching, FRC (functional range conditioning), Animal Flow (1&2), Kettlebell, Precision Nutrition, and Bulgarian Bag

• Top 5 trainer at Equinox for multiple years

• Assistant strength coach at MSU

• Created 100s of workshops with therapists, chiropractors, and top gyms such as Sanford MMA

• Constantly learning and reading on topics related to nutrition, fasting, blood type diets, and protocols to improve the immune system, heart rate training, and body mechanics.


Game Changer

by Nathaly

The courses are great, I have a few Pso-Rite products and now I can get the best out of them, they really changed the game.


by Rene

I went to many chiropractors, doctors, and specialists, but I didn't get many results. Thanks to these courses and the recommended products, my back problems have completely disappeared. It's awesome.

Great experience ever!

by Veronica

Mac is a great instructor, he speaks with clarity, and I understood everything ideally. These courses and the products recommended here changed my life. It has been one of the best experiences I've had ever.


  • What is PSO-YOU?

    PSO-YOU Provides all of the how to's on the best recovery tools on the market, Pso-tools, and so much more. Top products people love and why. Lifting tips. Nutritional tips. Etc.

  • Is the content only related to Pso-Rite products?

    No, but we’ll have more content on other products we love, nutritional tips, and exercise routines with top athletes coming soon.

  • Are the instructors qualified to teach these courses?

    Definitely yes, Mac is not only our primary instructor but also the inventor of Pso-Rite products.

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